Ezra Monroy-USA

Florida, USA
When I was having trouble deciding whether or not Aliyah was the right decision for me, Maslul Ishi helped me with the big decision. The program let me figure it out on my own giving me the freedom to experience all aspects of Israeli life. I was able to live, study, and work on a kibbutz and in Tel Aviv for 6 weeks each, as well as experience the army life in the Marva Army program for 2 months. Instead of being draged around by a tour guide, I was able to make my own program and really experiencing what it is like to actually live in Israel. During the program, if I needed help with anything I new I could rely on my madricha to give me advice. Furthermore, because of the freedom Maslul Ishi gave me I was able to make the right decision to make Aliyah and serve proudly in the IDF.