Felix Markman-USA

United States

My name is Felix Markman, age 21, and I chose a 5 month program with Maslul Ishi. I did an Internship in the Chemistry Department at Bar Ilan University in Ramat Gan, while living in Beit Milman, in the Ramat Gan neighborhood of Tel Aviv.

Maslul Ishi was really the best program I could have chosen. Flexible in every single way, you can start and end your trip any month of the year, extend it at your convenience, and change your program on the go. The program connected me to Ulpan Gordon, where I learned Hebrew and met new friends.

The best part of Maslul Ishi are the monthly trips. You’ll get a chance to meet everyone in Maslul Ishi, learn about Israel’s history, breathe its fresh air and eat its wholesome food in the many locations your Madrichim take you.

The 5 months I spent in Israel were unforgettable mostly for the friends I made. Coming to Israel last August, never did I imagine I’d meet friends from Brazil, Argentina, Russia, and Switzerland. You’ll meet people from all walks of life, from all over the world. And living with friends at Beit Milman on one floor was like living with family. Maslul Ishi was my family.

I’ll never forget my trip to Israel, and I know that I’ll be back when I get the chance! Thank you, Maslul Ishi!